Raiza Biza

For over a decade, Raiza Biza has been championing hip hop music that not only encompasses a full spectrum of emotions and real world experiences, but music that represents an ever-changing tapestry of influences.

Hailing from Hamilton, New Zealand, the rapper, songwriter and poet has developed a sound that has never veered from the core artistic vision he has followed since debut project SUMMER dropped in 2013: remaining authentic and honest in all facets of artistry.

As part of the African-New Zealand diaspora, Raiza Biza emerged as a notable figure and a young leader within his community, with his music reflecting his own developing and evolving outlook on life. As such, Raiza Biza’s music has always carried weight and soulful messages, backed by insatiably engaging production and arrangements.

Having worked with the likes of Oddisee, Sampa The Great, Black Milk, JessB, Melodownz, Hollie Smith, REMI and many more, He has always strived to bridge the gaps of understanding and preservation of his experience in New Zealand, while also supporting artists on the same mission.

With six solo studio albums and two EPs to his name, Raiza Biza’s catalogue of work has beautifully diversified over time.

Recent years have seen him continue to step outside his comfort zone, learning from collaborators like Melodownz and Illbaz, REMI and Black Milk, fortifying a musical legacy that features incredible records including 2021’s A SUMMER IN RETROGRADE and 2020’s GRAND OPENING, GRAND CLOSING. 

The constant flow of music and creativity has only been bolstered by the development of a fierce reputation as a performer – Raiza Biza’s confidence as a vocalist and lyricist have made for an enviable combination, and one that has reinforced the impact of his music.

Raiza Biza’s forthcoming collection of work, the expansive and dynamic THE PREQUEL EP, is a fitting addition to this oeuvre and heralds a long awaited return from one of the most important hip hop voices to come out of the Antipodes in recent history.

“Over the last few years I’ve been experimenting with African sounds and samples and trying to figure out a way to tell my story while referencing my culture. It’s been a process of learning that less is sometimes more, and is still a work in progress.

This EP is almost an intro into a new world of music that I’ve been surrounding myself with away from the public. My next few projects will aim to complete that picture.”