One of Australia’s most proficient and in demand producers, DJs and songwriters, jayteehazard has continued to carve out a sound undeniably his own, heading into 2022.

An artist who harnesses an unbeatable ability to create unique soundscapes and immersive musical atmospheres, jayteehazard has worked with some of the country’s most recognisable voices in creating impactful records. Originally from Newcastle but now based in Sydney, NSW, jayteehazard has been refining his skills as a performer, writer and producer for over ten years.

jayteehazard’s touch has been heard on records by Australian favourites such as the Hilltop Hoods, Haiku Hands and longtime collaborator Briggs; as well as for some of Australian hip hop’s most important new voices, including Kobie Dee and BARKAA - the latter jayteehazard worked with as Executive Producer on her acclaimed debut EP, Blak Matriarchy.

When it comes to his own projects, jayteehazard has not been caught slipping once; producing sounds and exploring varied influences that have culminated in a consistently building body of work.

Stretching back to 2014’s Cold Blue project, the evolution of jayteehazard’s sound is evidenced through the development of a signature blend of harmonies, infectious downbeat R&B and new wave hip hop. The way he has been able to fuse dancefloor ready beats with more nuanced and intricate patterns, perfect for any late night vibe, is masterful.

A talent that can only come from years spent in the rooms and on the stages, developing a sense of knowing how to read a room yes, but also how to create moments that will last for the audience, long beyond the set or performance at hand.

Balancing instrumental moments with those of collaboration with talented artists including Sarah Corry, Samson Gabriel and Meezy478, jayteehazard has built strong sonic foundations to be added to as a new year of music and ideas comes calling.

Taking the time to conceptualise and diligently work on his next collection of work - the first since 2019 - jayteehazard’s next project stands to be his most definitive to date. Letting observations and creative ideas pour in from over the last few years, jayteehazard is ready to step into the spotlight once again.