Coming off the huge success of their first 2 singles and music videos for "Funds pt. II" and "Flying" there has been a high demand for more music to be released from BLKCITY. The collective includes 5 of New Zealand’s top African hip-hop artists in JessB, Raiza Biza, Abdul Kay, Blaze the Emperor & Mo Muse, whose collective level of talent has created a dynamic sound in the short time they've been making music together.

Aside from the great chemistry that all 5 artists show in their recent releases, the cultural impact of the BLKCITY is also huge, particularly regarding immigrant and African diaspora in New Zealand, both within the realm of the performing arts but also across the board. In 2020 African New Zealanders are an established part of New Zealand's cultural milieu with JessB taking out a MTV European Music Award for best NZ act, and "Stylebender" being a UFC world champion to name a couple of examples. As well as their cultural impact, BLKCITY will hope to impact New Zealand music just as much, helping to further expand on the very definition of NZ music.

As it pertains to business, the collective goals and ambitions of BLKCITY are very high but achievable. Done right for example, a BLKCITY project with artists of thy hope that their music will be received well internationally. It’s important that Bis calibre has global potential, and though they have great expectations to do well in NZ the BLKCITY have as much grass-root support early, to ensure these goals can be met.